“THE GOOD WAY” Technique and practicing methods for flutists

How to work properly on exercises and pieces to gain a flawless technique, be more expressive, spare time while studying and memorizing faster and better without damage to your body.

In my book “THE GOOD WAY (Il buono studio)” I teach the reader how to improve his/her practicing methods in order to achieve better preparation for any kind of performance. The golden rule is: “Nothing is impossible to play. If you find it that way, it just means you don’t know HOW to practice it YET” and that is exactly what I intend to show live in the workshop.

Reversing the normal participation to a master class, where you usually want to show what you can play best, pupils who take part to this event should bring a couple of passages with which they are encountering more difficulties that they can solve by themselves. It will be my duty to guide them through the analysis of the problems in order to find a solution and help them practice that passage the right way, in order to obtain the results they are seeking.

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